Newsroom: a window overlooking stories of art

posted by Redazione at 09/09/2014

Newsroom: a window overlooking stories of art

In common use, Newsroom is the place where editorial teams gather to collect information and produce contents for newspapers and magazines.

In our blog, the Newsroom section aims to be a window overlooking a landscape made up of arts, creative experiences and stories at the international level.

Also, it wants to be a way to share local practices and experiments and connect them to the outside world through the common language of arts and culture.

Let’s think of it as a channel to circulate projects, ideas and information behind the flag of YESEYA, the online platform in which designers, illustrators, painters and creative minds gather and interact to produce art and artworks to wear on dedicated T-shirt.

Here we want to collect the most representative stories of this project from the origin to date. And find out new inspirations and point of views to push the boundaries along new, yet unexplored pathways.

We wish you a good read. And a good play!




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